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Golden Eucalyptus Branch


5 January 2013
Per Loctudy
Golden Eucalyptus Branch — Original file
At last , my proposal of a people's flag — Original page
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At last , my proposal of a people's flag

This flags contains green and gold, of course. But blue equally. There are the two main symbols of Australia: the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross, typical from a southern hemisphere country. (As it is the case for New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). I would add a third symbol, more efficient than the acacia flower: the eucalyptus.

This flag is from Australia (many essences come from the continent-island), it is linked to one the special animals of Australia: the koala. As eucalyptus leaves are often on branches, I decided to represent a branch and the diagonal is the best way to represent it.

To my opinion, the best frame for the Commonwealth Star is the blue (an inheritance of the Blue Ensign), so the Southern Cross is on a green frame. The eucalyptus branch, by consequence is golden. I have preferred to put the stars in white, because I prefer it! And it because it is the case in the Blue Ensign.

I have called this flag, the 'Golden Eucalyptus Branch'.