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Specific Royal Australian Air Force Ensign


Royal Australian Air Force Ensign
1 July 1921
Air Board
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History of the RAAF Ensign

With the formation of the Royal Australian Air Force on 31 March 1921, as the successor to the Australian Flying Corps which had been established by the Australian Army in 1913, it was decided to have an Ensign which could reflect the national identity of our military aircraft and would include a distinctive roundel. However, while a specific RAAF Ensign was formally approved by Air Board and the then Minister for Defence on 10 August 1921, it was not processed for Royal approval. Consequently, the RAF Ensign was adopted without change by the RAAF and was flown until 1948.


The image may not be available without logging in at the site of the National Archives of Australia. In that case, a search for Royal Australian Air Force Ensign will bring up the pertinent record.