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Flag of Pagini


Papua New Guinea
November 1970
House of Assembly Select Committee on Constitutional Development
Hal Holman
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The Committee will also seek the people's views on a flag and a crest. The flag and crest do not represent the ideas of one single person but rather have been designed taking into account the overwhelmingly popular colours, designs and ideas submitted by the people to your Committee.

Mr Speaker, with your approval I would like to show members of the House of Assembly the flag and crest the Committee proposes to show to the people. In relation to the flag -

The BLUE represents the islands of our country and the sea, which surrounds them. The Cross lies above our whole country and guides our people in their travel on land and sea. The GOLD represents the coastal areas of our country, its past and future mineral wealth and unity. The GREEN represents the mainland and highland areas of our country and a Bird of Paradise, our unique bird, is turned towards the islands to represent one unified country.

Mr Speaker, your Committee proposes to make an extensive tour of the Territory in January and February 1971. The people will be shortly notified when the Committee will be visiting their areas and will be provided with sufficient time to think about and prepare answers to the Committee's proposals, the main ones of which I have outlined in this statement.


Holman's recollection of the date is probably influenced by 1973 being the year of self-goverment. As the final version of the flag was published in 1971, the 1970 date is probably correct. Assuming the reason for Holman's tight dead-line was that meeting of the House on 17 November 1970, then it's likely the two meetings with the committee were in early November, a few days before the meeting of the House.